Children gather around the campfire, the uncle is talking about his hobby:

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s like me you might remember the cartoon series DuckTales and the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook, a tiny book, mysteriously packed with never ending, detailed and apt information about whatever place or situation you could find yourself in.

I don’t know about you but I loved the show back then featured on Disney Club with Antje, Ralf and Stefan, bet you I was up at 7am on a weekend not to miss out on the repeat of that weeks episode.

I guess I never outgrew that cosy feeling that wherever Scrooge McDucks (Dagobert Ducks) nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie (Tick, Trick und Track), and niece Della (Nicky) would go in their adventures, they had their guidebook with them that had just the right answer at the right time.

Thinking it would be awesome to get surprised by location based stories that other users have created via your phone, I started working on wyah (that’s short for while you are here) some time ago in 2019 (around 2010 with some very basic concept and some ugly hand drawings) and it has been a fun journey so far with curveballs here and there and an idea that now looks so different to when I first started…

Of course we have great reference tools like Google Maps, Tripadvisor, Meta, and so many other apps that inspired me when they went on the daunting adventure to provide location based data helping you to explore your surrounding.

Now with wyah we really want to set the focus on the community you live in, put the spotlight on your user generated content, make places interactive and immersive, and support your own creativity with a tool of many possibilities, designed to surprise your surrounding with fresh multimedia content every day.

Why not checking out our introduction videos now, download the app yourself, register as a storyteller, create content, have fun and just get in contact with us if you have any ideas or questions.