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If places could talk, which stories would they have in stock for us?

Time to find out and to (re-)discover foreign and seemingly well-known places all anew with our app. And: create and tag exciting and engaging information yourself.

Browse through interesting information written by locals, creatives and businesses, simply with our free app – and as a local or business owner: present your favourite places or your business every day with a new story.

Whether its a short background story on a place, video snippets, sounds, pictures and illustrations or a mixture of all to create an immersive experience, you will be sure to discover these places from a new perspective once you pass them by. wyah is the best mix of Google Maps, Blogging, Instagram and TikTok!

Simply Create, Tag, and Rediscover!


inspiring, quality multimedia stories in your community or anywhere else in the world. Try our storytelling tool PI.


the content to an outside place in your community you care about or anywhere you happen to travel.


To create and tag your own stories ..

To rediscover your surrounding, download the app

Nice and clean user interface, no registration required, and pretty low hardware requirements!

Android: Requires phones with Android 5 upwards
iOS: Requires iOS 14 (from iPhone 6s, SE 2016 upwards)


Become the talk of the town

The wyah app can automatically notify your audience on nearby stories but as we are still growing, having one of these pointers at your place certainly increases visibility. Contact us to customise your QR Code.


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