App Users – First steps and App Installation Key

What is the App Installation Key

First, thank you so much for giving the app a try. The unique App Installation Key is regenerated with every fresh installation of the app and helps identify the amount of unique app users. It is however not linked to personal identifiable information and also does not keep a tracking history of places visited.

App functionality

Once started, you will be directed to the App feed screen which will load posts that are nearby your current position. Your current position is displayed on top of the screen.

Every post features an image of a place around you, a post title, the creation date and the username of the post author.

Refreshing your feed and current position

To save you bandwidth and battery life, wyah does not automatically refresh your position and the feed. Simply use the swipe down gesture on your feed page and wyah will update your position and the feed. Alternatively use the sleep mode explained furhter below.

App Users – App issues? Don’t panic!

@Not Connected – Error

This error occurs when the app was either not able to connect to the net, or you haven’t granted the app the permission to retrieve the current position.

To resolve this, please check if you have sufficient net coverage on your phone. Also please verify the App has been granted all required permissions. Then use the swipe down gesture to reload the feed.

Wyah app stuck on loading screen?

If the app appears to be stuck on the loading screen, e.g. if you accidentially swiped the whole screento the left from a post, please close the app and restart. If the issue persists, kindly let us know (include the version number) and reinstall the app.

App Users – Reporting a post

There’s something wrong with a post you came across? Report it and we will have a look.

Reporting a post is easy. Simply swipe to the last post slide (or use the right arrow) and click on the “Report this post to wyah” icon. Confirm your selection with “Yes”.

App Users – Activating sleep mode

Activating the sleep mode will let the app refresh your current position and feed approximately every 30 seconds and notify you when posts are around. You can keep the app running in the background.

To activate the sleep mode, tap on the wyah icon in the top left corner and confirm with OK.

To deactivate the sleep mode, tap on the wyah icon again and confirm with OK.


App Users – GPS Accuracy

We are actually quite proud not to use the Google functionality to determine your current position as we wanted to become independent wherever it made sense.

This said, the accuracy should be very much good enough to show you the right posts at the right place, but it might not be as accurate as when it was provided by the big tech (along with a potential fee for us), but hey, we are independent!


Authors – Introducing our Authoring Tool PI: Login, Sign Up, Forgot Password

First head to You can login successfully to the CMS with your username and password. When you have forgotten the password, click the link “forgotten password” and a reset combination will be sent to your eMail address..

For new Authors, please follow the “Sign Up” Link and follow the instructions.


Authors – Prerequisites: GPS info for your photos on your device

  1. Settings –> Privacy –> Location Services –> [ON]
  2. Swipe down to the Camera app icon, toggle switch to [ON]

Please be aware, that your phone now saves the location of all the pictures you take, not specifically for wyah. Other apps you have installed on your phone might process your location data as well (e.g. facebook when you upload your pictures to their timeline ..)

Did you forget to activate the GPS info? No worries, though its a bit tedious there are several tools online available that let you edit the exif data of an image, e.g. the website

Authors – Creating a new story

On the left hand side of your Authoring menu you will find a dropdown menu called “My posts”. Untoggle it and choose “Create post”. Once you are happy and the post is submitted, it will change its status to pending review. A team member of wyah will have a look if the post complies with the T&C and approve it once complete. Hope you dont have to wait too long!

  1. Open your camera’s settings
  2. Turn on or off Location (could also be Save location/Geo-tag photos/Add location or info/Tag locations/Location tag/Store location data/Location tags/Geographic locations/location info/Geo-tagging)
  3. Make sure to download our tiny tutorial guide for your first story

Authors – Tips for exciting stories

Our app is designed primarily for mobile phones and does not feature a landscape mode. When you write a new post, take your featured images and videos in portrait mode for best viewing results.

You can edit your featured image before uploading to the CMS to give it an individual touch and make it more appealing as long as the location data remains in the image.

Put some effort in your text and media. A good post is specifically tailored to the location and the time/weather/season it’s posted which gives it the particular surprise factor. General offers/voucher posts appear dull and do not stand out. Join our Facebook group to exchange ideas and best practices.

Most important: The best ideas will meet you when you step outside. Don’t sit at your desk, step outside, have fun and explore the place your post is about!


Authors – File size too large? Just compress it!

When your media is too large, the system gives you a nudge to reduce the file size before the post can be saved. Since there is currently no automatic compression tool in place (maybe later in an update) you can easily reduce the file size of videos, sounds, images with one of the free tools available online.

For videos and images you can e.g. use


A bugs life – List of known bugs being addressed

  • Sound preview to be changed
  • video preview sometimes blank
  • GPS +- 10 meters
  • App GPS shows additional –
  • white bar on loading screen
  • create tag rediscover branding on app
  • CMS: be careful, delete button deletes post on first click, should have preview and confirm
  • Dashboard not showing clicks per post
  • Upgrade button missing
  • CMS login image to be replaced
  • sound not playing on some devices
  • Draft post not in post overview
  • login: cms spinning with wrong credentials instead of error
  • uploaded image 2 shows before text
  • cannot change primary and standard distance
  • constant app experience ios and android required

Found more? Please join our community on Facebook to report them!

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